Goal and Objectives

Goal and Objective


The Institute for Climate Change and Environmental Management (ICCEM) is a dynamic and world class institute dedicated to lead and provide quality education, research and extension services on the causes and consequences of climate change and provide environmental management in the natural and agricultural resources with options for healthy, sustainable and productive environment.




  • To provide environmental education and training for careers in environmental studies.


  • To conduct researches on environmental issues and concerns.


  • To develop local community into resilient, thriving and sustainable community that is empowered, educated and aware.


  • To prepare, produce and distribute instructional materials on environmental issues.


  • To offer extension services through dissemination of environmental information for public understanding and awareness.


  • To develop partnership with all sectors of the society at the local, national, international levels to address climate change and pursue environmental management.


  • To help build resistance to climate change threats using knowledge, tools, technologies and resources that are environment friendly, ethical, sustainable, practical and affordable.


  • To develop, improve and package proper and appropriate technologies or management schemes for biodiversity conservation of all ecosystems in the region.


  • To spearhead environmental management and conservation activities in the campus and the immediate environs.


  • To conduct environmental and social impact assessment in order to monitor development projects or any undertakings which significantly affect the quality of the environment.


  • To put up a BIODIVERSITYMUSEUM that shall showcase the diversity of life in the different ecosystems in Region III.