PCAARRD grants P5M for Biotechnology Laboratory Upgrade to ICCEM

PCAARRD grants P5M for Biotechnology Laboratory Upgrade to ICCEM

The Institute for Climate Change and Environmental Management (ICCEM) received a P5M fund for the proposed improvement of its Biotechnology Laboratory from DOST-PCAARRD Facilities Development Assistance.

The project was presented to DOST-PCAARRD on its 5th regular Director’s Council (DC) meeting on May 21, 2019 to assist in the upgrading of the laboratory through the acquisition of new equipment that will facilitate the implementation of the on-going project titled, “Development of Botanical Pesticides from Indigenous Plants in Selected Forest Ecosystems in Central Luzon”, funded by the same agency.

The project entails acquisition of new equipment such as, recycling HPLC, UV-Vis, incubator, laminar flow hood, vacuum oven, analytical balance, orbital shaker and plant growth chamber. This set of laboratory equipment will be able to detect the phytochemical components and chemical   compounds   of the indigenous plants responsible in the pesticidal properties of these plants, mass production of explants, modern media preparation and maintaining a sterile environment and standard laboratory practices.

Advantages obtained out of this project will far outweigh the investment of the government in the long run as this can stop damages caused by pests and disease in our crops value millions and uncountable pesos annually and at the same time reduced chemical and mycotoxin contamination in our food through the application of natural pesticides derived from indigenous plants. Further, food safety is achieved thereby increasing our competitiveness in the international market.