DOST-GIA and PCAARRD grant Php 10-M project to ICCEM

     The Php 10M worth project titled, Surveillance, Detection and Mapping of Leaf Miner and Anthracnose -Twister Disease of Onion and Garlic in Nueva Ecija, was granted by DOST-GIA and PCAARRD to ICCEM. “The main objective of the study is to detect early and monitor leaf miner and anthracnose-twister of onion and garlic thereby preventing crop damages and losses”. The project will be led by Dr. Ronaldo Alberto. The study specifically aims to detect, monitor and manage leaf miner and anthracnose-twister disease of onion and garlic in Nueva Ecija; generate updated topographic base maps showing spatial distribution of the different crops, leaf miner and anthracnose-twister disease infected areas; produce biomass maps which can be used to predict final yield; and mainstream the developed system for detection, monitoring and prevention in collaboration with the Regional Crop Protection Center-III and LGUs of Nueva Ecija.

Mr. Miguelito Isip and Mr. Ariel Biagtan, Science Research Specialists, will be working with Dr. Alberto. The said project will commence in August 2018 and is expected to end in November 2020.