Dr. Paz-Alberto presented papers at International Phytotechnology Conference at USA

Dr. Paz-Alberto during her paper presentation at Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center , Manhattan Kansas, USA

          Dr. Annie Melinda Paz-Alberto, University Professor and current Director of Institute for Climate Change and Environmental Management (ICCEM) at Central Luzon State University attended the International Phytotechnology Conference held at Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center, Manhattan, Kansas, USA last September 27-30, 2015. The conference was aimed to provide scientist, engineers, consultants, policy regulators and other interested individuals the opportunity to explore and discuss how recent developments in phytotecnologies address current and emerging environmental challenges. Phytotechnologies are plant-based technologies to clean water, soil and air and provide ecosystem services including energy from biomass.

          During the said conference, Dr. Paz-Alberto presented a paper on “Assessing Diversity and Phytoremediation Potential of Mangrove for Copper Contaminated Sediment in Subic Bay, Philippines”. Based on her paper mangrove could effectively absorb copper in sediment which can lessen conta
mination in the sediment. Phytoremediation refers to the process wherein plants can absorb heavy metals hence, this green technology is very important for the conservation of water and sediments in coastal ecosystem.

          Moreover, Dr. Paz-Alberto was accompanied by Ms. Marrietta Pakaigue, Research Associate at ICCEM in this conference for both of them presented a poster titled “Assessing Diversity and Phytoremediation Potential of Sea grass in Tropical Region” which reveals the potential of sea grass in absorbing lead in the sediments of marine ecosystem.