Dr. Sigua’s Series of Seminars

Dr. Gilbert Sigua, former professor of CLSU and now US-based soil scientist, gave series of seminars as a Fulbright fellow from April 10 to May 2, 2012. In the first seminar, Dr. Sigua presented the results of the study about sediment materials of Lake Panasoffkee, Sumter County, Florida, dredged and applied as soil enhancer to a bahiagrass area. Dredged-materials were found to have favourable effects on bahiagrass establishment, and that there was initial improvement on the physical and chemical conditions of subtropical sandy pastures. The second seminar was about minimizing environmental impact and enhancing sustainability of beef cattle pasture in subtropics. Dr. Sigua emphasized that the agricultural sector, specifically crop production and cattle raising, are the main contributory factor in nutrient loading of lake. Based on their multi-disciplinary and integrated study, the group of scientists where he belonged recommend to have source management and transport management.

5419Dr Sigua

Another paper presented by Dr. Sigua was about the watershed scale assessment of nitrogen and phosphorus loadings on Indian River Lagoon, Florida. Based on the findings of the team’s study, the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus was 1,053,553 kg/yr and 127,873 kg/yr, respectively. Among the sources of these elements, namely, point, non-point, atmospheric, groundwater and internal cycling, the largest contributor was from non-point sources or tributaries which accounted to be 79%.

The last of the series was titled, Phytoremediation: science and environmental ramifications. Dr. Sigua concluded that though phytoremediation has a number of advantages, it also has many limitations.

The Institute of Climate Change and Environmental Management headed by Dr. Annie Melinda Paz-Alberto sponsored the first, third and fourth seminars whereas the Institute of Graduate Studies under Dr. Elisa Carlos sponsored the second of the series. It was attended by college students, MS students, faculty from the different units and colleges of CLSU.

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