ICCEM Sponsors fire safety training

Trainers’ training on fire prevention was sponsored by the Institute on Climate Change and Environmental Management (ICCEM), adopting this year’s theme of the Bureau of Fire Protection, “Makiisa, makialam, at makipagtulungan upang sunog ay maiwasan” on March 28, 2012 at the IGS Minitheater, CLSU. The objective of the Institute, through its Disaster Risk Management and Public Health Department, is to make our dear CLSU a disaster-prepared community.

FO3 Gener Ramos of BFP Science City of Muñoz discussed the compositions of fire and how fast a fire can spread. Pointers on how to prevent fire and on proper things to do during fire were given SFO1 Roberto Lopez. FO1Ulysses Uy taught the participants the basic fire fighting techniques and he also shared his personal experiences while on duty. The different ways on dragging and carrying victims of fire were demonstrated by FO1 Arnulfo Pol.

Dr. Sace tried the fire extinguisherDrills on putting off a fire using fire extinguisher and water from a fire truck wereROTC Officer put off the fire using hose experienced by the participants, as facilitated by SFO1 Lopez. Participants are the faculty and staff of ICCEM and officials of ROTC, as headed by Dr. Annie Melinda Paz-Alberto and Prof. Deolito Ben, respectively. They will also form the fire brigade at CLSU.

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Date: 2012-19-04 02:37:25
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