IEG batch 2


Forty two (42) local government officials, 16 from Botolan, 10 from Iba and 17 from Palauig, participated in the Environmental Governance Training – Cluster 2 held on January 10 to 12, 2018 at Sea Urchin Hotel, Lucap Boulevard, Alaminos City, Pangasinan. The training was part of the Environmental Justice Sector Reform Project (EJSRP) which was made possible through the partnership of Institute of Environmental Governance-Central Luzon State University (IEG-CLSU) and the Tanggol Kalikasan, Inc. (TKI) and sponsored by US Department of Interior (DOI) and US Department of State-Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).

Cluster 2 participants during their study tour at the Mangrove Park, Brgy Bued, Alaminos City.

Using the same training design with that of Cluster 1, participants underwent the 3-day activity of workshops, lectures, discussions and study tour. Output of the workshop revealed that the Municipality of Botolan is facing problems on landslide, lahar, solid waste, illegal fishing activities and chemically contaminated waters. The Municipality of Palauig, on the other hand, has issues on quarrying and low fish catch. Strong typhoon is the major problem experienced by the Municipality of Iba. In general, the participants aspired for eco-tourism development and clean environment in their areas.

Having gained knowledge from the lectures of select CLSU faculty, LGU Alaminos City officials and Atty. Ronely B. Sheen of TKI, and the field trip, participants formulated their Area Specific Action Plans (ASAPs). Some of the activities listed in their ASAPs are reforestation, river dredging, vigilant patrolling of Bantay Dagat in MPAs, mangrove planting, closed coordination with municipal officials, passage of environmental governance, solid waste management, slogan posting, monitoring of rivers and ecotourism development in mangrove areas.

With this training, the local government officials are expected to strengthen environmental governance in their respective area of jurisdiction.